Traveller's Journey to Thailand.

It’s official! From 1 November, 2021, Thailand is welcoming fully vaccinated visitors from around the world via two specially-designed entry schemes: TEST & GO Exemption from Quarantine and Living in The “The Blue Zone Sandbox” (17 Sandbox Destinations). Partially or unvaccinated visitors are also much welcomed via the Happy Quarantine requirements. Here’s all the latest information! Welcome to Thailand!

Traveller's Journey to Thailand (Simulation).


Vocabulary details

Test and Go Scheme welcomes fully vaccinated visitors travelling from 63 approved countries and territories to enter Thailand with no quarantine requirements. However, they are required to spend their first night at a SHA Plus or AQ accommodation, while waiting for their COVID-19 test result. After receiving a negative COVID-19 test, travellers are then free to travel anywhere in Thailand.

Living in the Blue Zone Scheme offers fully vaccinated travellers who are not travelling from the approved countries. They must travel to any of the 17 Sandbox Destinations (collectively called the Blue Zone) and spend 7 days there before leaving to other parts of Thailand.

Happy Quarantine welcomes everyone around the world who is unvaccinated/partially vaccinated and do not fit into the Test & Go and Living in the Blue Zone to undergo the quarantine measures set by the Thai Ministry of Public Health. is the official website for the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA), providing information on SHA, SHA Plus, SHA Extra Plus business.

Safety and Health Administration (SHA) is a certificate awarded to 10 types of businesses: restaurants and diners; hotels, accommodation and homestays; recreational activities and tourist attractions; transportation; travel agencies; health and beauty; department stores and shopping centres; sports for tourism; activities and meetings, theatres and entertainment, and souvenir shops, which have proven that they have safety and hygienic measures. SHA has also been recently by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) in alignment with the WTTC SafeTravels protocols.

SHA Plus signifies business who has SHA Certificate and 70% or more of all employees have been fully vaccinated.

SHA Extra Plus signifies the accommodation who has SHA Plus and partners with a hospital for COVID-19 testing and treatment protocols, eligible for travellers of the Test & Go and Living in the Blue Zone Schemes.

TourismThailand ( is the official tourism website of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) providing travel information for tourists.

tatnews ( is the official newsroom of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) committed to supporting international media by providing the latest press releases, festivals and events, as well as other Thai travel news.

Tourist Police I Lert U a mobile application for visitors to Thailand can seek help from the police cruiser by sending information and photos at the scene of the accident to the War Room which has a tourist police officer for 24 hours, to coordinate dispatch cruiser to help and serve immediately.